The Shucker
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 | Episode 9

The Shucker


Written by Larry David, Jeff Schaffer and Justin Hurwitz

Directed by Jeff Schaffer

According to the panel of muftis who helped revoke the fatwa, Larry's musical Fatwa! can continue, only if Lin Manuel Miranda is involved. In hopes of getting the play off the ground, Larry and Jeff schedule a meeting with the Hamilton star.

Hosting a dinner party, Larry regales his guest with a story about falling asleep during Hamilton. He realizes the oyster shucker hired for the party might not keep the anecdote to himself -- the shucker demands tickets to Hamilton in exchange for his silence. Returning to the table, Larry is disturbed to hear Bridget telling tales of sexual encounters with past boyfriends. He begins to have anxiety he'll be the next butt of her dinner party jokes. Heading out from Larry's dinner party, Jeff comes upon the shucker's forgotten cowboy hat and decides to keep it.

Meeting Lin, Larry finds it impossible to say no to any of his suggestions for Fatwa! He realizes it's because Lin has the power seat behind his agent's desk. After two meetings, both of which consist of Lin making creative notes and Larry acquiescing, Lin agrees to do the musical. He also tells Larry he's not able to get the requested Hamilton tickets for the shucker. Larry tries to outsmart Lin by claiming the tickets are now for him. The only hiccup is Lin later calls to say his wife will be attending the same performance.

"Wearing that hat has been nothing but a curse for me." — Jeff

Susie can't get enough of Jeff since he's taken to wearing the cowboy hat. What starts as a novelty takes a serious turn, when she manages to break Jeff's penis. Larry seeks out the shucker to return the hat and reclaim the Hamilton tickets, which he's successfully able to do — for the price of $2,500.

Reunited with the hat, the shucker strikes Susie's fancy, and the two have a short affair.

The previous owner of the house, Mrs. Shapiro, begins to plague Larry, returning to water the plant in his front hall and later stealing the plant to care for it in her new home. Incensed by the intrusion, Larry takes Mrs. Shapiro to court. The two appear on an episode of Judge Judy. Sadly for Larry, Judy sides with Mrs. Shapiro, as the plant is now in much better health than it was in his home.

"There is no boilerplate, Larry. This has never existed before." — Bridget

Still anxious over the possibility that Bridget will reveal intimate details about their relationship should they ever breakup, Larry asks her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. His request does not go well. Incensed, Bridget storms out of the house, definitively putting an end to their relationship.

Attending the Hamilton performance, Larry takes painkillers just before lights go down and ends up falling asleep on Lin's wife's shoulder.