Thank You for Your Service
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 | Episode 5

Thank You for Your Service

TV-MA | 33 MIN

Written by Larry David and Jeff Schaffer

Directed by Bryan Gordon

Having made the mistake of rolling down his car window at the golf club security gate, Larry's fallen into the unfortunate cycle of chatting with a long-winded security guard, Sal. Larry struggles to keep the latest conversation brief, but Sal is insistent on displaying his range of British accents — prep-work for a Revolutionary War Reenactment he plans to participate in.

At his golf club restaurant, Larry specifically asks the waiter to report back if the chef makes a face when asked to alter an order of fish. He wants to asses whether or not he should stick with the meal as listed on the menu. The waiter returns with news: the chef didn't make "much of a face" — Larry proceeds with the modification. Meanwhile, a fellow club member, Ken, swings by to show off pictures of his new baby. Larry's passing remark that the kid "looks a little Asian" strikes the member as odd, given neither he nor his wife are of Asian descent.

Larry asks a beautiful mailwoman in the neighborhood on a date. Things go south at the movies when Larry struggles to find her in the darkened theater. She explains she didn't want to make a scene and Larry chastises her for not "beckoning." At the end of the date, Larry asks if they can reset to their original relationship of "homeowner and mailwoman."

Returning to the golf club, Larry decides to press the reset button on his relationship with Sal. Unfortunately, his request to no longer converse with the security guard doesn't go over too well. Inside the club, Larry runs into the chef, who says he did in fact make a face when asked to modify the meal. To make matters worse, Mr.Takahashi has caught wind of Larry's remarks about Ken's child. He tells Larry to expect a letter in the mail detailing punitive action. Unfortunately, hell hath no fury like a mailwoman scorned. Larry's one-time romantic interest stops delivering mail to the house, and he doesn't receive notice that he's banned from the club.

Jeff and Susie host a dinner party with Sammi and her fiancé, Victor. A war veteran, Victor graciously acknowledges the other guests' praise and "thank yous" for his service. The only guest to not acknowledge Victor's heroism — Larry. It doesn't go unnoticed, and Victor storms out of the party. To make it up to the guy, Larry asks him to participate in a Revolutionary War reenactment. Participating as Blue Coats, Victor and Larry get into hot water when Sal, playing a Red Coat commander takes aim at the pair with live cannon balls. The whole affair triggers Victor's war memories and the two men hightail it to the parking lot. In the lot, Larry discovers Mr. Takahashi in a compromising embrace with Ken's wife. Safe to say, his golf-club ban is no longer an issue.