Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 | Episode 10



Written by Larry David, Jeff Schaffer, Justin Hurwitz and Jon Hayman

Directed by Jeff Schaffer

Rehearsals for Fatwa! are in full swing. Larry proposes a fun paintball outing for the cast in advance of previews. Everyone's over the moon and effusive with thank yous.

Larry has reservations for dinner with Jeff, Susie and Funkhouser. When the hostess refuses to seat the party, because Funkhouser is running late, Larry asks a random woman at the bar to join them. It turns out she's a stand-in actress. Once Funkhouser arrives, the woman's stand-in services are no longer needed, and she subs out.

Lin and Larry get into a creative argument over a scene. Lin doesn't think one of the scenes is working, but Larry thinks everyone is distracted by the presence of a buxom signer they've hired for hearing impaired audience members.

As a favor, Larry agrees to house Lin's cousin, Valentine, and her husband, Ernst, when they come to town for the first preview. It turns out the couple are swingers and trash the place during an orgy.

Susie and Jeff host a dinner party in advance of Sammi and Victor's wedding, including Victor's parents, who are both deaf. While Victor's mother goes to the bathroom, Larry falls into conversation with his father. Larry explains the Fatwa! interpreter's breasts are causing serious problems, distracting everyone from the main performance on stage. Later, Victor's dad suggests they hire the interpreter for the wedding.

At the paintball excursion, Larry and Lin get into a heated argument. Larry's frustration with Lin and his family boils over, as he goes on a rant about Valentine and Ernst's abuse of his hospitality. Lin calls him out, and the two commence a paintball duel. Intending to aim his pistol in the sky, Larry accidentally shoots the paint pellet into Lin's mouth as he makes to pull up his pants.

Accompanying Lin to the hospital, Larry misses Sammi's wedding. He tries to rectify the situation by hiring the stand-in actress to give his speech, but Susie is having none of it. Due to the paintball injury, Lin won't be able to perform for sixth months. His injury puts an end to Fatwa! the musical.