A Disturbance in the Kitchen
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 | Episode 3

A Disturbance in the Kitchen


Written by Larry David and Jeff Schaffer
Directed by Jeff Schaffer

nDining out, Larry and Jeff learn there's been a "general disturbance" in the kitchen. To their frustration, the restaurant manager is doggedly evasive when asked for specifics. Larry goes to investigate but rather than get to the bottom of the situation, he gets into an argument with the chef.

nSusie is beside herself with worry when her "little sister" in a Little Sister program doesn't come home. Ted, Cheryl and Jeff form a search party, and Larry borrows Ted's new Tesla to look for the kid. The new car's aggressive horn gets him into hot water when he honks at a cop.

nTired of hiding in disguise, Larry goes to visit the one person who can help him: Salman Rushdie. The author encourages the comedian to adjust his perspective on the whole predicament. With a death sentence hanging over his head, Larry is now a man of danger, and as such, incredibly attractive to women. Larry removes his disguise and heads out for a bite to eat. He promptly runs into Elizabeth Banks, who's drawn to his fatwa mystique, and the two strike up a flirtation.

nTaking Elizabeth to meet Susie and Jeff, Larry runs into the police officer he beeped. The cop has located Susie's "little sister" — at her boyfriend's house. While the cop returns the kid, Larry notices Jeff's baseball cap on the roof of Susie and Jeff's house. He tries to retrieve it with a rake but accidentally drops the rake on the hood of the officer's cruiser, quickly hightailing it from the scene of the crime. The officer catches up with Elizabeth and Larry and, much to Larry's distress, Elizabeth botches his alibi. So ends their short-lived romance.