Running with the Bulls
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 | Episode 4

Running with the Bulls


Written by Larry David and Jeff Schaffer
Directed by Bryan Gordon

In therapy for his fatwa, Larry hashes out a recurring nightmare: he's in a room full of virgins who want to have sex with him, but he's more preoccupied with counting them. Dr. Templeton begins to offer analysis, but Larry turns his attention to the disparity between his and the therapist's chair. It's clear the doctor has given himself the superior seat. When Larry suggests they go chair shopping, the therapist is less than interested. He reveals he and his wife are planning to eat at restaurants for the next week to enjoy truffle season.

"What do you talk about in your sessions?" — Cheryl

Jeff and Larry attend an art opening for Richard Lewis. The big news of the evening is Marty Funkhouser's nephew, Kenny, followed a certain prostitute to Spain and got trampled to death by a bull. Larry remains mum on his involvement, introducing Kenny to the prostitute. He's eager to ask Cheryl if she, as a fellow patient, has ever noticed the inferior seating at Dr. Templeton's office. He also mentions in passing that Dr. Templeton is a huge fan of truffles, which inspires Cheryl to later gift the therapist with an assortment of truffle oils.

Jeff strikes up an affair with a real estate agent he meets at Richard's art opening. He basks in his genius discovery of open houses as a setting for romance. What's more, when Susie confronts Jeff, saying someone spotted him in a car with another woman, he claims that he's house shopping. The one hiccup in Jeff's arrangement: Susie decides they buy one of the houses on the market.

At his next session, Dr. Templeton confronts Larry about breaching "patient-doctor confidentiality" by telling Cheryl about his love of truffles. Skeptical such a thing exists, Larry nevertheless apologizes. He then raises a pertinent issue in his life: he's discovered that the fly on a pair of pants is too short and he's having trouble peeing. Dr. Templeton advises Larry check out a Barney's warehouse sale.

"You're the last usher I ever bribe." — Larry

Attending Kenny Funkhouser's memorial service, Larry pays an usher to reserve the chair in the last row and closest to the door. But when Larry goes to take his seat, he discovers Richard has ignored the "Reserved" sign and stolen the seat. Larry is forced to sit middle aisle, middle row. With the service underway, he notices a man lurking in the wings and mistakes him for a fatwa assassin. He cries out to raise alarm in the room and instantly causing a stampede of mourners trying to escape. As it turns out, the man was just a late attendee to the memorial.