To Love Is to Bury
True Blood | Season 1 | Episode 11

To Love Is to Bury

TV-MA | 54 MIN

Directed by Nancy Oliver
Written by Nancy Oliver

With Jessica's limp corpse strewn beside him, Bill digs a hole while Pam looks on coldly, present only to make sure he doesn't destroy the girl before she can rise as a vampire. Bill laments that he's taken away everything Jessica loves, but Pam sees it more as setting her free from a pathetic human existence. When the grave is finished, Pam kicks the corpse into it and Bill follows, wrapping his arms around Jessica. "I'll tuck you in," Pam says, shoveling dirt onto them to begin Jessica's transformation.

At Sookie's house, Sam talks her down from her brush with the murderer at Merlotte's. As frightened as she is to have been in such close proximity to the killer, it's sharing his mental space that really bothers her. She caught a glimpse of one of his victims - an unfamiliar waitress - but couldn't read her nametag. Sam asks if Sookie wants him to call Bill, but she tells him no.

Tara, after crashing her car into a tree, talks to a police officer named Kenya, who knows Tara but also knows she's intoxicated. After listening to a story about how a naked woman with a pig caused the accident, Kenya settles on arresting Tara for drunk driving.

At Jason's house, he and Amy clean up the gelatinous mess that used to be Eddie. Fighting over whether or not they ever could have trusted Eddie - Amy stands by her emphatic "no" - their argument escalates to name-calling before Jason heads upstairs and destroys all the V they've stockpiled in the refrigerator. "We are done with this s**t," he yells as he leaves for work.

Sam and Sookie eat breakfast at her house, and she focuses on the images she picked up from the killer's memories, trying to parse the details. The girl's name is Cindy, she says, and she worked at a pie restaurant, which rings a bell with Sam: Big Pattie's Pie House. The pair drive a ways south to the restaurant, where they find a regular named Buster, who tells them that Cindy was murdered a couple years ago, and her brother, Drew Marshall, disappeared before police could question him. She and Sam follow up on the lead at the local police department, where the lone officer on duty graciously decides to help them - after Sookie reads his thoughts and threatens to tell his wife that's he's cheating, that is. He agrees to fax the Marshall file to Andy in Bon Temps, so Sam and Sookie hit the road.

At Merlotte's, Lafayette watches one of his johns, State Senator David Finch, spew a rousing vilification of vampires, drugs and homosexuals to a TV news reporter. He's decided to run for Congress. The hypocrisy doesn't sit well with Lafayette, who throws on a sharp suit and drops in on the new candidate at a political function. Shaking hands and posing for a photo, Lafayette jovially tells Finch, "I applaud your work against the poor and disenfranchised - especially vampires and the gays. So many things can happen to bring down a fine person such as yourself. You be careful, hear?"

At work, Jason tells Hoyt and Rene that he's having problems with Amy, that she's addicted to V and he doesn't know what to do. He craftily leaves his own involvement out of the story. Rene asks, "She sleep with vampires, too?" Jason says that she denies it, but he's not sure he can believe her. Rene and Hoyt promise him things will work out. When Jason gets home that night, he finds dinner waiting on the table for him. Admitting to Amy that he was afraid she'd left him, he takes her in his arms. Their bliss doesn't last past the end of the meal, however, because Amy pulls out a vial with a few drops of V. Jason initially loses his temper but then agrees to take it once last time with her "to close the circle."

Lettie Mae goes to the jail to visit Tara, who assumes her mother is there to bail her out. Instead, she tells her daughter that the best thing anyone can do is let her follow her own choices. Tara is furious - and feels betrayed after she'd bailed her mother out countless times - but Lettie Mae leaves, telling her, "I'm finally doing right by you. You'll see that when the clouds roll away." Tara essentially disowns her mother on the spot, but later, a mysterious woman named Maryann comes in to post her bail. She runs "an informal halfway house" and says Tara is welcome to stay with her as long as she wants. At first Tara declines - until she realizes she has nowhere else to go.

Bill's first conversation with a vampiric Jessica doesn't go much better. He tries to explain what's happened and apologize, but the girl is actually relieved to be free from her overbearing parents. She just wants to swear ... and kill. The last thing Bill expected was a petulant teenager, and he realizes he's created a monster.

At Jason's house, he and Amy sink into a deep V-trip, indulging in their typical nature hallucinations. But as they fade even further from reality into a trancelike sleep, the killer breaks into the house. Sneaking into the bedroom, he removes his belt and quietly wraps it around Amy's neck, choking the life from her while she runs with Jason through an imaginary world.

Unable to deal with Jessica for another moment, Bill takes the girl to Eric and all but begs him to take her off his hands. "I would be in your debt," Bill tells him. After Eric agrees, Bill rushes back to Sookie's house, but he arrives just in time to see Sam kiss her. Enraged, Bill extends his fangs and attacks the shifter, taking him to the ground while Sookie screams for them to stop. "I rescind your invitation," she screams at him, forcing the vampire to leave.

Jason wakes up to find Amy's lifeless body next to him. Crushed, he immediately assumes he must have killed her, though he obviously has no memory of it. He calls 911 and tells the operator that he's killed the woman he loves. Later, in an interrogation room with Andy and Bud, he still can't figure out how he's responsible for all the murders, but he's so despondent that he doesn't even care to make sense of it. Bud is skeptical of the young man's confession, but Andy is just happy to have been right all along. No one seems to notice as a photo of Rene comes over the fax machine under the heading of Drew Marshall, not even the secretary who throws a pile of papers on top of it.