I Don't Wanna Know
True Blood | Season 1 | Episode 10

I Don't Wanna Know

TV-MA | 50 MIN

Directed by Scott Winant
Written by Chris Offutt

Sookie wakes up to find Sam at the foot of her bed - naked - and immediately starts kicking him. Convinced he's the murder after all, she flees to the bathroom, where a moment later, the familiar dog trots in ... then morphs into Sam. After Sookie gets over her astonishment, Sam explains that he's a shapeshifter and can transform into any animal he sees. At first she listens, interested, but as the depth of his lie dawns on her, she becomes angry and sends him away.

Tara, with Sam's $800 in her pocket, meets Miss Jeanette in the woods to have her demon exorcised. After drinking a vial of "snake juice" and rubbing the woman's spit across her face, Tara sees herself appear nearby as a young girl, but with black pupil-less eyes. Miss Jeanette tells her the demon can take any form and gives her a knife to stab the creature, which disappears when the blade touches it, leaving the knife covered in blood. Tara, overcome, falls to the ground weeping out of shock and relief.

In Jason's basement, Amy hooks an IV up to Eddie, who tells her he knows that she plans to kill him. Amy prefers not to accept moral judgment from a vampire, but when she finds the stash of Tru Blood that Jason has been feeding him, she realizes her relationship is at stake. Going upstairs, she tells Jason that she thinks they should be nicer to Eddie, treat him like a pet. The vampire could get Stockholm syndrome and maybe come to love them ...

At Merlotte's, Sam stands on a ladder to hang lanterns for Arlene's engagement party. As she corrects his work, his mind drifts back to his childhood, to the first time that he shifted forms - into the family dog - right in front of his adoptive parents. Terrified, he runs off into the night on all fours.

Tara and her mother celebrate freedom from their demons by driving to Keachi for crawfish. On the way home - still munching from a bucket - Lettie Mae feels ill, so Tara offers to pull over at a pharmacy. But when she goes inside to buy some Pepto, Tara finds Miss Jeanette, wearing a wig and stocking shelves ... with no trace of her thick accent. Screaming at the charlatan for robbing her, Tara reverts back to her former, furious self, but Jeanette interrupts her. She admits that she gave Tara peyote to make her hallucinate during the "exorcism," but she also says that faith is a powerful thing and asks about Lettie Mae: "Is she still sober?"

Jason, back in the basement with Eddie, says how glad he is that Amy came around, but Eddie's not so trusting. He tells Jason that she already found the stash of synthetic blood and kept it to herself, and now she's playing him. "She's a psychopath," Eddie says. But Amy interrupts their conversation from upstairs, pulling Jason away to Arlene's party and promising to get a TV for Eddie. The vampire's disappearance hasn't gone unnoticed, however; Lafayette, who's been trying to call him, finds the suspicious scene at Eddie's house and realizes the danger they're both in.

At Merlotte's, Sookie is still giving Sam the cold shoulder, while Jason hangs out with his buddies, who really like Amy. Jason admits, though, that he's afraid he's given her the upper hand in the relationship. Rene advises him to man up and tell Amy how it is. "Even if she don't like it? Deep down she'll respect you," he says.

Bill, on trial for the murder of Longshadow, appears before the vampire Magister in an impromptu court at a junkyard. After watching another vampire suffer the punishment of having his fangs wrenched out with pliers, Bill does his best to explain the circumstances of Longshadow's destruction, and Eric actually backs him up. The normal punishment would be five years buried in a coffin chained with silver, the Magister explains, but tonight he's feeling "creative."

Sam's evening at the party hasn't been good, and it only gets worse when Andy approaches to continue questioning him about his past - and why he lied about it. The exchange sends Sam into another reverie: The day after his first transformation, when he returned to his parents' house to find they'd packed up and abandoned him, leaving all his belongings behind. Snapping out of it, he manages to dodge a few of Andy's questions, but the detective won't relent ... until Tara steps drunkenly into the conversation to defend Sam, basically telling Andy to go to hell. She then drags Sam off to his office and starts to kiss him, but he's in no mood. "You're not the only one who has demons," he screams at her, and the conversation ends with her stumbling out the door.

Outside, Lafayette approaches Jason, pushing him to the ground and blaming his big mouth for the disappearance of Eddie. Unaware that Jason kidnapped the vampire himself, Lafayette warns him to stop being so naïve: The danger is real, and people are dying. Sookie, in fact, comes close to dying inside the bar when the serial killer tries to attack her, stalking her from room to room. But Sam comes in the door just in time, frightening off the assailant.

Jason and Amy go home, but when they start arguing over Eddie's fate in the basement, there's no one to step in and save them. Jason refuses to let Eddie die, but Amy is convinced he'll kill them both if set free. When Jason takes a stern tone with her and starts to unchain the vampire, Amy reacts, grabbing a stake and plunging it into Eddie.

At the junkyard, the Magister has decided on Bill's penance. Because the vampire destroyed one of their number, he'll have to create a new vampire, something Bill's never done before. A car pulls up with a young woman in the trunk, and while Bill does his best to avoid what he knows is inevitable, he ends up biting the girl while the rest of the vampires watch, enthralled.