Vow Of Silence
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 8 | Episode 5

Vow Of Silence

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Directed by Alec Berg

Written by Larry David, Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer

Jeff and Susie are having a goodbye party before moving to New York for the summer. There, Larry sees Susie's friend Vance, who has taken a vow of silence but still communicates by mouthing words. While waiting in line, Larry notices a woman sneaking in front of him under the guise of conversation with an old friend and he calls out her "chat and cut." Larry's friend Tessler invites him to attend an event for special needs children, and needing an excuse, Larry claims that he'll be in New York.

Before they're supposed to meet for lunch, Larry visits Jeff at the vet, where he and Susie are taking care of their dog Oscar. The report from the vet is grim, and Susie wants them to pick up Oscar's favorite food for his last meal, Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Outside Pinkberry, Larry chastises a driver for his "pig parking." Then, Larry sees Tessler approaching and tries to duck inside the store to avoid him, but the other customers accuse him of performing a chat and cut. He leaves the store and runs right into Tessler, who tells him that the event has been moved, and now Larry can attend. Larry lies again, telling him he's going to New York for three months to work on a show with Jerry. Tessler invites him to stay at a friend's apartment and offers to arrange it for him.

On the way back from Pinkberry, Jeff and Larry inadvertently finish Oscar's final treat, and Vance sees them. As Jeff and Susie sit shiva for Oscar, Susie recounts how Jeff went to get Oscar's last meal but Pinkberry was closed. Vance picks up on the lie, but is unable to say anything.

At night, Larry parks next to another pig parker and leaves him an angry note. The pig turns out to be Vance, who yells at Larry, Jeff and Susie from across the street, "Larry ate Oscar's Pinkberry and Jeff was driving. Assholes." Enraged, Susie can't wait to go to New York to get away from Larry. But as the plane departs from LAX, he's sitting across the aisle from her.