The Smiley Face
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 8 | Episode 4

The Smiley Face

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Directed by Jeff Schaffer

Written by Larry David, Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer

Larry's office is in disarray because his assistant is off taking care of her dying father. Dino, whose company just moved in down the hall, stops by to introduce himself and to ask if he can have a cabinet in the kitchen. Larry agrees, and Jeff admonishes him. "You never give up a cabinet," he says.

At lunch, it becomes clear that Larry is dating the hostess, Heidi, and though Jeff can't believe he would "shit where he eats," Larry is determined to be the first man to do it successfully. She sends him a text message with a smiley face, and he's put off by it. Larry and Jeff's friend Stu comes by the table and invites them over for dinner. Jeff says he would, but things aren't so great with him and Susie.

To Larry's horror, Dino has stuffed all of Larry's food into one cabinet and taken the other two. He calls Antoinette for help and she agrees to come in for one day. When she does, her father dies, his last words being, "Where's Antoinette?"

Stu and his wife stop by Larry's office to find out why things aren't so great with Jeff and Susie. They ask him if Jeff is having an affair, and though Larry says no, his voice goes up as he says it, and they take that as confirmation that he is.

Larry and Heidi argue as she applies sun screen to his head. He refuses to offer condolences for the death of her father two years prior, as the sorry window has closed. She breaks up with him, but not before leaving a smiley face of sun tan lotion on an oblivious Larry.

Larry arrives at Antoinette's father's funeral, a smiley face emblazoned on his forehead. While his assistant will require time to grieve, Antoinette's mother agrees to fill in for her.

When Larry sees Stu, he tells him that things aren't so great with Heidi. Stu figures out that Jeff was the one lying, but it's too late-his wife told Susie about the affair. Susie storms in and sees Jeff comforting Antoinette's grieving mother. Predictably, Susie freaks out.

Larry goes back to Heidi's restaurant, determined to eat where he once shat, but the food tastes funny. Larry asks if her if she put anything in his meal. "Noooo," she says, her voice escalating.