Succession | Season 1 | Episode 8


TV-MA | 57 MIN

Written by Jon Brown

Directed by SJ Clarkson

Roman is frustrated by his father's ruthless expectations for him, yet eager to prove his business acumen. When he learns of a secretive, drug-fueled party in Brooklyn that is frequented by business titans -- including the influential local TV mogul Sandy Furness -- Roman shifts Tom's bachelor party plans to the event so he can network on behalf of Waystar. Kendall, Greg, Stewy and Connor are all along for the party.

Tom is excited about his bachelor party and warns Shiv of the potential debauchery he might partake in. Shiv, who has been cheating on him with Nate, gives Tom permission to do whatever he wants at his bachelor party. Once there, Tom meets a young woman and does exactly that.

At the party, Stewy connects Kendall and Sandy, and reveals their larger plan -- Sandy and Stewy are working on a bid to take over Waystar and want to pay Kendall generously for his portion of the company. Kendall counters with a new proposal, which would bring Sandy into Waystar so long as Kendall returns to his job as CEO and removes Logan from leadership. Though Roman is unaware of the extent of Kendall and Sandy's negotiations, he's frustrated that he's being left out of the conversation.

Shiv's client, Gil, makes an appearance on the Waystar-owned news network ATN. During Gil's interview, he's asked painful, personal questions about his wife's suicide that challenge his ability to run for president of the United States. Gil accuses the host of targeting his personal life because Logan Roy, ATN's owner, wants to prevent an investigation of Waystar's business practices. He then argues that Logan's reputation is so poor, his only daughter Shiv is working for Gil's campaign instead of Waystar. After the contentious interview, Logan asks Shiv to stop working with Gil and join Waystar. When she declines, he informs Shiv, via Marcia, that he will not be attending her wedding.