Season 4 Episode 01

Spencer weighs the pros and cons of an acquisition, and Ricky and Charles set down roots in L.A.

Spencer and Joe try to ease their star surfer’s relationship with the company, and Charles agrees to give Ricky a second chance.

Spencer questions Lance's excesses; Vernon gets carried away.

Season 4 Episode 04

Spencer and Joe find themselves in a crisis at Sports X, and Ricky considers his motivations for ending his retirement.

Season 4 Episode 05

Spencer looks to elevate the SportsX TV brand.

Season 4 Episode 07

Ricky loses his cool at a neighbor's party.

Season 4 Episode 08

Spencer takes a big risk with the potential to blow Quincy’s deal, and Charles finds a new vision for the team.

Spencer takes his fight to the next level, and Ricky jeopardizes his comeback.