Season 2 Episode 1

In the Season Two premiere, Larry shocks everyone by taking a job as a car salesman.
Larry David commercial street

Season 2 Episode 2

Larry seeks revenge against pro wrestler Thor Olson, who he believes slashed his tire after an incident.
Older woman ass in air in car Larry looks

Season 2 Episode 3

Larry experiences the 'trick' side of Halloween when he questions the age of two girls who want candy.
Jeff in front of doors high angle
Larry's suspicion that an HBO executive has lifted some shrimp from his Chinese food leads to trouble.
Larry David in baseball cap

Season 2 Episode 5

Larry and Richard Lewis plot to end their relationships with a shrink after Larry sees the doc in a thong.
Larry David worried expression

Season 2 Episode 6

An acupuncturist agrees to waive his $5,000 fee if he can't cure Larry's back problems.
Cheryl looking up worried expression

Season 2 Episode 7

The daughter of a TV exec gets Larry to cut the hair off her beloved doll--and then throws a fit.
Little girl looking at doll with no head

Season 2 Episode 8

Larry is villainized for accidentally tripping Shaquille O'Neal at a Lakers game.
Larry David in parking lot

Season 2 Episode 9

Larry discovers that the Jewish man who is marrying Cheryl's sister is converting to Christianity.
Larry David and Cheryl sitting annoyed expression

Season 2 Episode 10

In the Season Two finale, Larry lands in hot water when Cheryl's psychic busts him for getting a naughty massage.
Larry David at counter with Asian woman
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