30 Coins (30 Monedas) | Season 1 | Episode 2


TV-MA | 1 HR 4 MIN

Elena confronts a seemingly skeptical Father Vergara over his connection to the sudden disappearance of a neighborhood girl. As untimely deaths befall the town, marquess Roque presents Elena with an enticing job offer, and Merche urges Paco to keep his distance from the mayhem.

Cobwebs (Telarañas)
1.Cobwebs (Telarañas)

When an unsettling birth wreaks havoc on a quiet town, local vet Elena and Mayor Paco seek answers from their priest, Father Vergara.


Elena confronts Father Vergara over his connection to the disappearance of a neighborhood girl.

The Mirror (El espejo)
3.The Mirror (El espejo)

Elena and Paco call on Father Vergara to examine a mirror with a haunting reflection.

Memories (Recuerdos)
4.Memories (Recuerdos)

While old acquaintances greet Father Vergara in Rome, Paco fights to keep Elena in Pedraza.

The Double (El doble)
5.The Double (El doble)

Elena and Mario's reunion sends the village reeling, while Santoro and Sandro each appeal to Father Vergara's better nature.

Holy War (Guerra Santa)
6.Holy War (Guerra Santa)

Father Vergara escapes to a warzone, Elena and Roque elope to Paris, Paco and Merche fall out, and federal agents descend on Pedraza.

The Glass Box (La caja de cristal)
7.The Glass Box (La caja de cristal)

Merche is delighted by Angel's arrival, but as an ominous fog fills the village, the townspeople grow increasingly restless.

Sacrifice (Sacrificio)
8.Sacrifice (Sacrificio)

Season finale. Elena, Paco, and Father Vergara fight to free their people from the spell of the Black Circle.