• Aug 11, 2017

      Day 01


      Swedish journalist Kim Wall is reported missing by her boyfriend. 


      The submarine builder she was interviewing is rescued after the vessel they boarded together the day before sinks. He claims she disembarked the submarine before it sank, but CCTV indicates it never resurfaced after they set sail, and experts conclude it was sunk intentionally. 


      The builder becomes the accused, and is arrested and charged with murder.

    • Aug 12, 2017

      Day 02


      After hearing investigators are going to raise the submarine, the accused retracts his story about letting Kim off the submarine before it sank. He now says she hit her head on the submarine hatch and died, and he buried her out at sea.

    • Aug 14, 2017

      Day 04


      Interviews with the accused’s friends confirm he is fascinated with the idea of committing the perfect crime and explores sexual boundaries.

    • Aug 21, 2017

      Day 11


      Police are notified about a torso that has been found off the coast of Copenhagen. Forensics finds at least 17 stab wounds, but cannot establish the cause of death from the torso.

    • Aug 22, 2017

      Day 12


      Investigators obtain the submarine’s route. This helps the divers narrow down their search area.

    • Aug 23, 2017

      Day 13


      A DNA match is found between the torso and the journalist. This confirms Kim Wall is dead, and the accused lied about burying her intact body at sea.

    • Aug 29, 2017

      Day 19


      A Swedish police dog catches the scent of a corpse in the water.

    • Oct 4, 2017

      Day 55


      Experts discover the accused conducted an internet search with the words “beheaded, agony, girl”. Videos of women being impaled and decapitated are found on the accused’s computer.

    • Oct 6, 2017

      Day 57


      An expert in sea currents helps divers pinpoint where the police dog is catching a scent from. Divers find a head and two legs belonging to Wall, along with a plastic bag containing the journalist’s clothes. 


      Forensics finds no trauma to the head. Cause of death still cannot be established.


    • Oct 14, 2017

      Day 65


      The accused changes his story again, saying Wall did not hit her head. He claims to have dismembered the victim after a glitch in machinery created a vacuum causing her to suffocate inside the submarine.


      An expert later disputes the science of this story, claiming any such glitch would also have created extreme heat visible on the body, which there are no indications of.

    • Nov 22, 2017

      Day 104


      Divers find an arm belonging to Wall.

    • Nov 29, 2017

      Day 111


      Divers find the second arm belonging to Wall. Their search is complete.

    • Dec 11, 2017

      Day 123


      A final report from forensics concludes the cause of death cannot be established.

    • Dec 14, 2017

      Day 126


      The accused’s psychological evaluation is released, diagnosing him as severely stunted, with perverse and psychopathic traits. This diagnosis opens the possibility of a life sentence.

    • Jan 16, 2018

      Day 159


      Indictment is announced to the public after an investigator finds a missing detail in the case: the forensics report concludes stab wounds on the torso were inflicted before or immediately after death, but the accused claims to have sailed for hours before being able to open the hatch back up and find the journalist dead. 

      This gives the prosecution enough evidence to go to court.

    • Mar 8, 2018

      Day 210


      The case goes to court.

    • Apr 25, 2018

      Day 257


      The accused is found guilty on all counts and sentenced to the maximum penalty, life imprisonment.