Startup With Silicon Valley

Get up to speed on the highs, lows and many pivots.


A new CEO makes the guys think inside the box. Richard considers a CTO position at a popular social media app — accompanied by unfiltered satire.


Richard doesn’t understand how his universal, lossless compression platform “totally freaks out” a focus group, but maybe Pipey can help?


Jared goes “black hat,” and Erlich goes on an epic rant touting his scheme of courting VC at the Rosewood.

Season 3 Episode 1

Season Three Premiere. Richard decides whether to leave Pied Piper for good, while the rest of the team weighs their options.

Season 3 Episode 2

The new and improved Pied Piper impresses Dinesh and Gilfoyle, but worries Richard; Jared and Erlich each face housing issues; Gavin suggests a controversial move.
Richard searches for a way around Jack; Gilfoyle opens himself up to recruiters; Dinesh draws unwanted attention from a recent purchase.
The Pied Piper guys struggle to phone it in; Erlich faces competition; Monica takes a stand; Gavin makes a decision about Nucleus.

Season 3 Episode 5

Richard lets his ego get in the way at an interview; Dinesh, Gilfoyle and Jared misplace some hardware; Erlich pitches his plans to Big Head.
Richard's new relationship is threatened by neuroses; Big Head and Erlich's launch party has snags; Dinesh falls for a foreign coworker.
The beta version of Pied Piper receives an unexpected response; Monica worries about how to deliver criticism; Erlich faces financial woes.
Erlich struggles to come clean to Richard; Jared's latest fashion makes a splash; Gavin faces major life changes.

Season 3 Episode 9

Richard looks to bridge the gap between Pied Piper and its users, while Gavin works to reclaim his former glory.

Season 3 Episode 10

Season Three Finale. Richard and the guys of Pied Piper consider their company's future; Gavin's comeback is threatened.