Season 1 Episode 1

Series premiere. Burned out and broke, former big-league pitcher Kenny Powers returns home to North Carolina to teach PE at the local middle school he once attended.
Kenny Powers at press conference

Season 1 Episode 2

To avoid selling his beloved jet ski, Kenny looks to score some extra cash by pitching himself as spokesman for a local luxury-car dealership.
Kenny Powers in tanning bed

Season 1 Episode 3

Kenny enlists the fawning Stevie to be his personal assistant; Dustin’s wife Cassie offers to sell Kenny’s baseball memorabilia on eBay.
Kenny Powers stares from jet ski

Season 1 Episode 4

Kenny looks to rekindle an old flame at a barbecue hosted by April and Cutler; Stevie cuts a greatest hits DVD for Kenny.
Kenny Powers introduces Tracey to Terrence Cutler

Season 1 Episode 5

Kenny decides to give up his comeback dreams, but his resolve is tested by an arrogant car dealer and his new pet celebrity.
Kenny Powers about to pitch

Season 1 Episode 6

In the Season One finale, Kenny says goodbye to his life as a schoolteacher — and bids farewell to Dustin and his family — after he’s tendered a big-league job offer in Tampa.
Wayne Powers Dustin Powers Jr Cassie Powers and Dustin Powers staring