Meet the A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 2 Post-Production Team

Robin Thede introduces her show’s behind-the-scenes team and they discuss the importance of diversity on all sides of the camera.

Attention Hollywood: A Black Lady Sketch Show is changing the game. The comedy series, starring and created by Robin Thede, has a post-production team that is largely made up of not only women, but women of color.

“It would just not make any sense to have an all-white male post team on A Black Lady Sketch Show. This show would be absolutely different if we did not have the post team that we have,” Thede said.

Thede sat down with associate producer Gwyn Martin-Morris, supervising editor Daysha Broadway and newcomer to the show Stephanie Filo, an editor, to discuss the importance of the post-production team and diversity behind the scenes.

Martin-Morris oversees the post-production department, helping put together the puzzle pieces of making a TV show, essentially making sure the final product on air is the way Thede and team intended. Broadway is responsible for ensuring the cuts fit the tone and style of the series, establishing connectivity between seasons, and Filo makes those cuts.

“I think productions need to understand the importance of telling stories authentically. Having a number of diverse voices behind the scenes and in front of the camera, you’re getting all of these different lenses that you wouldn’t get otherwise if you only had a white male post team. You just simply wouldn’t be getting that perspective,” Filo said.

Broadway said it’s evident when there isn’t representation on all sides of the camera. “It’s going to be lacking,” she said. “We’ve all watched a show on TV and been like, ‘I know who wasn’t in that post department.’”

And that’s why Martin-Morris said she is so conscious of the need to have voices in the room. The way she makes sure there is diversity, inclusion and equity on A Black Lady Sketch Show — and the industry as a whole — is knowing her power in fixing it.

“Knowing that it’s an issue and knowing that I have the power to help solve the problem. If that means hiring someone who has less experience because they haven’t been given a chance, but they have the energy and motivation to learn quickly, then that’s what I do,” she said. “I spend my time to make sure they have the resources to become as talented as they are capable of being.”

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